Game Features

The game currently boasts an active and comitted community of roleplayers who spend their time role-playing around the world and submitting stories for events.

Featured Mechanics are:

  • A vast hand-crafted sandbox world in which almost everything is player-made
  • Refreshing and original pixel art created specifically for the game
  • Over 500 items and buildings that can be created
  • An easy to use interface which provides players with the things they need to play out their stories
  • In-depth new player guide called the BUX (Beginners' Utility for Expertise)
  • Creative names for the various creatures and plants found around the world
  • Several climatic regions including tropical islands, vast grasslands, freezing northern mountains, desert, and jungle
  • Two playable races: Human and Orc each with their own unique culture and craftable items
  • A rich history and culture for both races give the game a captivating and interesting setting for roleplay to take place in